Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Perfecting the Page in Your Planner

This video describes how I use my page space to its full potential. There is a little bit of a science to it, and here I describe my methods.

Happy Planning!

Annie @awifenmother

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Adjusting Planner Routines

I would be lost without routines. They are the framework of my life. No, they don't run my life, but they help me keep my life running while getting everything done efficiently. I hope you are inspired to create your own version of a routine after seeing how I build mine.

Happy Planning!

Annie @awifenmother

How to Pick The Best Inserts For You

I can't believe I haven't posted this theme earlier?! How often do we buy insert after insert, or try a new brand of planner in the search of a good fit for our life. In this video I describe how you can figure out which type of insert you will probably like best without spending ANY money upfront.

Happy Planning!

Annie @awifenmother

Tracking Misc. Items In your Planner

There are always "little things" to keep track of, and I have a few ideas how to track them consistently in your planner. Happy Planning!

Annie @awifenmother

Plan With Me- June 2015

I'm playing catch-up with posting my planner videos. Here is a Plan With Me video I posted back in June.

Happy Planning!

Annie @awifenmother

Tour de Malden

Here is an updated tour through my planner. As my year unfolds and my life changes, so does my planning system. Happy Planning!

Annie @awifenmother